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Privacy Notice

www.myhoneyandco.com work with writing for the purpose of collecting data: to provide health care, to provide information and / or to communicate communication skills; compliance with all documents and taxes is in line with each other. When the user agrees: Provide information and / or the attitudes to the www.myhoneyandco.com privilege of the type of review, as well as the suggestions. Third-party AD information as well as information and products, and agrees with the plans, in response to the requirements and numbers, for sale and product requested at the market.

Commitment data collection
Each district is divided into two sections: expected and optional, description of the process. Increased acceptance of accepted data and adjust the above-mentioned function and functional function. If you refuse to provide such information or refuse to accept treatment, this will prevent the use of www.myhoneyandco.com. More information about www.myhoneyandco.com is used to improve the function. Instead, the consumer is free if not delivered. Be sure that your information is accurate, accurate, or not. Tell us.

Interested people will find it
We only organize activities that we direct to other directors of the Dynamic data www.myhoneyandco.com that are similar to the countries in which they use and the arrangement for activities www.myhoneyandco.com, including the sale of medicines. Safety staff have good advice and personal information, to eliminate, communicate or communicate with individual information, should not be an important part of the work. Except in terms of a treaty, the person's approach is not because of legal reasons or without any permission of the third parties to cause the use of, product processing and employee www.myhoneyandco.com to claim, payment and account information, such as police or councils for assistance, accounting for bookkeeping and return tax returns the correct answer to this legal requirements of relevant legal media law. www.myhoneyandco.com There are these people we get your permission.

For every word, according to the medical method. 7 in resolving the text itself (for personal information and for obtaining right from right), you need to know the Formats, if you do not have your personal information, even if the content is not written, and the conversation. You need a good idea: personal data, goals and therapeutics, sale or medical care, owner of the subject or person's requests and issues well, knowing that the information is the idea that they are in a chosen country, senior or representative.

You need to be competent, accurate, and consistent with Data will be eliminated to convert the status and order to the disclosure of the prohibition, including the required security information, the following two that collect a control over modification or authentication Data that may be transmitted by Data to originate, distribute, or have the necessary resources and to protect the rights that can be used equally . You have the right to deny, entirely or partially, its own legal system, to increase this information to send advertising or direct marketing or research to a market, to communicate, to a person or to business-related purposes.


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