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Shipping & Returns

What happens when I send a letter?
There is no problem. Our delegate or part of your neighborhood, put it in a safe place or take it back. They will drive cards through the door to tell you what they are doing.

Where do I work for myself, or plan a different place?
Yes, this is not a problem. At your order, your mailing address is in danger and gives us your payment address.

What is the scheduled time to take?
Medicines are available through our weekly.

Do I have to bring a debt?
All exporting services outside the United States may be subject to the services and taxes set by the country to allow you to respect the time of exporting to your country. The release of all taxes is the tax, money and money consumed by consumers.

Please note that the purpose of the consumer and law is to be sold by governments and governments to ensure that any agreement www.myhoneyandco.com is made.

When do you pay?
Welcome your business bag and www.myhoneyandco.com right now so you can not pay.

What do you command for the protection of online marketing?
Yes, we use secure security technology (SSL) to write your credit card to ensure your data is secure. We also use Visa Verification (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode (MSC) (3D Secure).

Because my card was rejected?
This is probably why the card was rejected for many reasons. For more information, please contact the banking bank.


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